PES 2014 Xbox Conkerax Patch v0.1

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PES 2014 Xbox Conkerax Patch v0.1

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PES 2014 Xbox Conkerax Patch v0.1

For now, version 0.1 includes :

– All jerseys BPL
– All Logos BPL
– All types of teams before match
– All tranfers updated on BPL
– Creation of two major players : Loic Remy ( Newcastle) and Willian (Chelsea)
=> All transfers in Ligue 1
= > All types of Ligue 1 teams early meeting


For the installation , very Easy with Horizon ,

You will need the DATA PACK 1.00

i explain the install :

FOR DL DATA PACK 1.00 HERE (these are the two links in blue) until one of konami and walk do not worry ( it’s possible it’s ok with the install IN THE GAME , so look at it)

Once you have installed (via horizon ) or if you already had the better it will =>

۱ ) Download the patch Conkerax on or from here.

۲ ) Format your key on the xbox in mettrant configure manually, carefully choosing 512MB

۳) Download the Horizon for Xbox software that is here , install it and open it :

۴) Put your USB key formatted on your pc , the horizon will detect the software, you then take ALL the files from my patch you SLIDE the inside of your case with the key on Horizon

۵) Once done, go back to your key , put it in your Xbox, you go to the folder of your key under ” Games” , and PES 2014 , you “Copy” (not move ) your DD the Bobox

۶) And last step : Start the game and Enjoy!

For those who have mac , which therefore can not use Horizon , PM me for any other method !

Read the instructions to install it is very important.

Homepage :

Download PES 2014 Xbox Conkerax Patch v0.1 :

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